Borestone Mountain
DirectionsThis is Borestone Mountain Trailhead. The trail from here follows a closed dirt service road to the Audubon Nature Center about half way up the trail. A small fee is charged to continue on the trail into the sanctuary and to the top of Borestone.
Here we are at the Nature Center which is beside one of the three small ponds nestled in the side of the mountain. The bald ledges of Borestone are directly behind us.
The trail up from the pond is well marked and quite steep in places and requires lots of scrambling. It is a wooded trail until the ledges at the very top. The last hundred yards is a little shaky for people who have a fear of heights.
The first great view of the small ponds below. From left to right, Sunrise, Midday, & Sunset. The pond on the left is the one we were sitting at when we got to the Nature Center.

Gorgeous day and fantastic views of Onawa lake. What more can I say!

Borestone has two peaks, the east peak is slightly higher and has equally fantastic views. We are heading there.

Windy day as we pose at the top of the east peak.

Connie On The Top

Of course we have to find a spot for our picnic, this time out of the wind. Linda made the pumpkin whoopie pies for us. Delicious!

Now is the time to head back down the steep ledges.
Connie is navigating carefully over the flat rock with the hand rail, followed by Linda.

Rick is working his way down one of the steeper spots on the ledges.

We made it back down into the trees. Easier going now

I loved this tree that was near the top. I can't imagine the forces that caused it to grow in a complete loop.

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