Directions to Moxie Bald Mountain

Moxie Bald Mountain is on Map 30 A5 in the Maine Atlas and Gazetteer

Hiking Distance: Approx 2 miles to the summit

Any of the good hiking guides will give you directions to Moxie Bald starting at Joe's Hole at the lower end of Moxie Pond. This is a 4.8 mile hike from here and requires a stream crossing which my book says can be quite difficult at times. We found a different way to go which bypasses the stream crossing and shortens the hike to two miles (one way) which is much more agreeable to my old knees.

Going north on RT# 201 pass through downtown Bingham and turn right onto RT# 16. Go .8 miles and take a left on to Deadwater Rd. The sign is hard to see and there are two roads coming out to RT# 16 right together. Take the right most of the two. There is a sign there it's just hard to spot. If you come the Messer Road, you've gone too far. Deadwater Road is a gravel road all the way and well traveled.

Drive 13 miles on the Deadwater Road. Turn right on unnamed dirt road. Just before turning right you see a road to the left with a bridge across it fifty feet or so in. My Maine Atlas shows this road just after the right turn. Go .8 miles on this gravel road and turn left onto another gravel road. About 1 mile in bear right and continue for another 2.1 miles ( 3.1 miles total) This is where the road crosses the AT. There is an AT sign on the right where the trail crosses but it not always easy to see.

You can follow this road on the Maine Atlas, however on mine it shows the road stopping before it crosses the AT. It actually continues well beyond the AT crossing. Another clue, there has been a lot of road work in there. It looks like they've been widening out the road for logging trucks. The AT owns a certain width corridor for the trail, so the logging companies are unable to widen the roads in that area. If you are observant, you will notice this section and start looking carefully for the trail sign on the right. When we were there, the beginning of the corridor was marked with red flagging tape. .

Never any guarantee on road conditions. Road was all solid. No need for 4-wheel drive but a vehicle with good clearance would be helpful.

Quick summary: Right off RT#201 in Bingham onto RT#16. .8 miles take left onto Deadwater Road. 13 miles on Deadwater Road. Take right onto unnamed gravel road. At .8 miles. take left onto another gravel road. Drive 3.1 miles and look for AT sign. Have fun - great hike!