Hiking In Maine

Little Kineo Mountain

Directions We are headed to Little Kineo. You can see this very appropriate road sign just before getting to Kokadjo. Another 20 miles and we will be at the trailhead.
Getting there can be scenic also. This nice cow moose paused long enough to have her picture taken.

We are about 19 miles from Kokadjo when we get our first views of the sheer cliffs of Little Kineo. It does resemble the steep cliffs of Mt Kineo. We are almost there.

We are at the trailhead. I climbed this mountain with my brother in law, Paul, while we were camping together at casey's campground on Moosehead Lake.

The trail starts out as an easy walk in the hardwood forest.

Shortly we arrive at a large fir tree close to a sheer ledge. We have to squeeze through the opening and from here the trail becomes steep.

Paul is working his way up one of the steeper parts.

Soon we are treated to our first views of Moosehead Lake with Big Moose Mountain in the background. I liked this hike because there were many extensive views all the way up, each one better than the one before.

A little farther up we get to see a unique view of Mt Kineo,
which is partially obstructed by Shaw Mountain.

Once on top, you can wander out to the sheer face of Little Kineo.

A great place to have your picture taken. Moosehead Lake is everywhere you look.

Looking north at the rugged face of Little Kineo.

The trail across the top of Little kineo is up and down over some rugged ledge at times. It is marked with blue blazes or cairns or in this case, both.

Moosehead Lake is huge. This is just a small part of it. We are looking North towards Northeast Carry, the upper end of the lake.

We are actually looking at a body of water that is not Moosehead Lake. It is Spencer Pond with Little Spencer in the foreground and Big Spencer in the background.

Picture taking opportunities everywhere.

Lunch with a view? You can't beat this!

Another shot of the trail across the top through small firs and lots of granite poking through.

We hate to, but it's time to go and Paul starts his descent into the softwood.

Paul stops for one final shot on a steep ledge before descending the rest of hte way.

As we get lower we leave the pine and fir trees and get into the hardwoods. There were some really nice Yellow Birch trees.

No idea what these plants are but their rich green color make a great ground cover.

On the way back we came very close to this Great Blue Heron. The water from the bog had come up in the road from the rains the night before and the heron was enjoying it.

We pass right by the end of Spencer Pond and get this great view of Little Spencer Mountain with Big Spencer on the right. I must get up Little Spencer some day. It is rated as one of the toughest climbs around.

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