Hiking In Maine

Aziscohos Mountain

Directions We are at the Aziscohos Mountain trailhead. Apparently the mountain was also called Aziscoos at one time and the old spelling was used for the sign.
The trail is an easy gradual climb for awhile. Some parts of the trail had lots of slash from logging operations lying around. There was not a problem
getting over it.

Seems like a walk in the park for a while. Very pretty, must be beautiful in the fall.

The trail is starting to go more uphill. Time for the first break as we haul out the trail mix or maybe the Oreo cookies. We know it will get steeper.

The trail is getting increasingly rugged as bigger rocks become more frequent and softwoods are becoming more abundant

Rick and Joyce make their way up roots and rocks

There were a few blow downs along the trail. They made good resting places

Joyce makes her way up into the open ledges. The summit must be nearby.

What great views from the top. We are looking over Umbagog Lake with
Mt Washington clearly rising above everything else in the background.

Now we are looking over Upper Richardson and Mooselookmeguntic lakes.

The little knob in the foreground of the bigger mountains is Bald Mountain in Oquossoc It's a gentler climb but still has great views of the Rangeley Lakes region. As you can see it is located right between Rangeley Lake and Mooselookmeguntic.

The views were great but we had to find a place out of the wind to have our picnic lunch. We found a nice warm spot and still had some pretty good views.

I'm standing just to the left of Mt Washington in the background. These concrete footing are all that's left of the fire tower that stood here for many years.

As you can see from the hair, the wind is still pretty strong as we gather at the peak with Upper Richardson and Mooselookmeguntic lakes visible on the right.

Connie is all set to head back down on the trail. We hate to leave but it's time.

A tenth at a mile down there is an informational board on the right. It has much of the history on the mountain and the fire towers. If you wish to read the information click on the link for a full size picture. Most of it is readable. It may be a little slow for dial up. Click for large Image

We are almost out. Connie, Linda and Joyce discuss the day's events during a short break.

Connie is serving up the coffee she brought. Sure tastes good after being in the cold breeze at the top.

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