Moxie Bald Mountain
Ready to start the hike with our guest hiker, our cousin Valerie, wearing the Colby shirt. This is not actually a trailhead but where the road crosses the AT. More on that in the directions.

It's a nice easy walk in the forrest for much of the way.

Eventually the terrain gets a bit rocky and the forest denser but still pretty mild.

Another big rock on the trail that we can't resist climbing.
The rocks are getting bigger.

Valerie has reached the slab caves. At some point in time a big bunch of flat boulders came down in a heap to form these caves. Fun things to explore.

Valerie is navigating one of the narrow passages between two vertical slabs of rock.

Joyce is checking out an entryway into one of the caves.

Joyce and Linda head in to to see if they can get through.

Looks like Joyce may fit through there. I don't have a chance!

After the caves the trail gets steeper and shortly we have
our first good lookout spot. We get a great view
of Moxie Mountain right in the center.

Connie and Linda making their way up a steeper section of the trail.

Interesting huge horzontal rock slabs.

Another lookout spot and picture taking opportunity. Pleasant Pond Mountain is directly behind us.

We are getting closer. Connie follows the trail as it passes through an opening in two rocks.

Connie strikes a pose. We always have to climb on large rocks for pictures.

Very pretty. This rock ledge leads us all the way to the top

We made it to the top. A cairn with a Moxie Bald sign post denotes the peak.

A lot of wide open spaces on top. It took us a while to find the trailhead so it's past
our lunch time. Beautiful but windy so we need to find a sheltered spot to eat.

Joyce found a nice spot over on some rocks. Valerie is down there somewhere just behind that tree.

Connie and Linda's spot looks quite comfy and out of the wind. They seem quite pleased with it.

Beautiful views that day. Bigelow Mountain is directly in the center of the
picture and in the distance. Moxie Mountain is on the left and Pleasant
Pond Mountain is on the right and much closer in the foreground.

Just across from Moxie Pond is Mosquito Mountain, another great hike.

From the peak, you should continue on the AT for about ten minutes and you will come to a very nice lookout spot on the back side of the mountain. From here you can look down into Bald Mountain Pond and also have a great view of the mountains to the west. Beautiful spot.

The At continues north down a path along the edge of a ledge.

Joyce started all of this. She thought this bent over tree looked like a horse with a saddle on it, so of course
she had to try to ride it.

Everyone had to try it out as Valerie is now. You can't tell because of the brush but there is a substantial
drop off on the edge of that rock.

Linda did everything with gusto and is riding this like a bucking bronco.

We're back by the main peak now and this large cairn provides another picture taking opportunity.

I thought I might as well take a break while getting my picture taken.


The traditional group picture at the peak to cap off a beautiful day. .

It's time to head down so we locate the cairn that marks the long ledge down.

We hate to leave so we find another diversion. We have to go look over the edge of a cliff we just noticed.

A final shot of the easy recognizable Bigelow Mountain off in the distance.

We leave the open spaces as Connie and Joyce make their way down the steep ledges into the woods.

And finally, a toad for Linda.

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