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Little Spencer Mountain

Just before getting to the trail head we get this excellent view of Little Spencer.

Joyce and I were the only ones in the group that wanted to tackle this one. Here we are at the trailhead ready for a big adventure.

This plaque is just a few yards in on the trail. Little Spencer is less than 100 feet shorter than Big Spencer and is considered one of the more challenging hikes in Maine.

Just a short ways into the woods, the trail begins to get steep.
A little farther up, we start to get fantastic views. From this spot we are overlooking Spencer Pond with Mount Kineo and Moosehead Lake in the background.

Now it is starting to get rugged with rocks piled everywhere.

Joyce makes her way up over a steep section of the trail.

The views just keep getting better. Here we can see Mt. Kineo to the left with Little Kineo Mountain on the right and the smaller Shaw Mountain in between.

Much of the trail had been sod and roots up until now but now we are finding much more loose rock on the trail.

We are also skirting many more large rock formations now.
The trail is headed right into this rocky mass. I think we are getting close to the chimney.

Joyce is headed into the opening that starts the climb up the chimney.
A view of part of the chimney with the rope hanging down. It is hard to capture the steepness and sheer rock face of the this part of the trail It is much more menacing looking when you are looking up at it.

View from the top of the chimney taken while waiting for Joyce to make her way up the rope.

Joyce is pulling herself up over the final step in the chimney.

Now we can get great views south as well as west. Looking over Spencer
Pond and Moosehead Lake, we can see Big Moose Mountain with its peak
just to the right of the scrubby spruce tree.

Joyce is climbing up over one of the several rock slides. Spencer Pond
and Moosehead Lake loom in the background.

Joyce is making her way up the narrow steep trail.

Awesome rugged cliffs.

One of the beautiful spots to stand on the edge and get your picture taken.

Much of the trail now is in a wooded area and much more gradual except short stretches that go straight up.

Another short steep section in wooded area. Still have plenty of good views because all of the trail is on the edge.

Finally on the top. If you walk only a few yards to the east you can get this
fantastic view of the majestic Mt Katahdin. Big Spencer is just to the right.
If you look close, you can see the fire tower on the peak of Big Spencer.

Looking to the Southeast, you can see First Roach Pond with Kokadjo to the very far right.

Joyce with Mt Katahdin and Big Spencer as the backdrop.

As always, we had to get a group picture at the top. On this hike, Joyce
and I were the group. The hiking books talk about panoramic views from
the top but it appears to have grown up much more now and good views
to the north were hard to come by.

We traveled back down about a hundred yards to this spot to have our lunch.
It has to be most spectacular spot we've had to take a lunch break.

We are headed back down and leaving this beautiful scenery. The trail goes below the rock that juts out near the bottom of the picture and appears to have a black circle on it.

Here we are down under those cliffs, and always on the edge.

Joyce is maneuvering into position to descend another of the very steep sections. The roots come in very handy at times

Joyce is traversing one of the several rock slides. She is trying not to get to close to the edge.

Joyce is making her way down the lower section of the chimney.
We've got it made now. The rest trip back to the car is relative easy.
Great hike. One we won't soon forget.

I had more pictures than I could put on this page so I added a page of just pictures.
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