Hiking In Maine

Tumbledown's Parker Ridge Trail

Directions This is Parker Ridge trailhead. One of the several trails up Tumbledown. It is a short walk in from the parking area. The Trail to the right goes up to Little Jackson. You can take the trail to Little Jackson and cut over to Tumbledown Pond using the Pond Link Trail but we haven't done that yet.
The trail is an easy gradual climb for awhile through a nice mixture of softwoods and hardwoods.

Soon the trail becomes much steeper as Rick is starting to realize. We are getting higher and starting to get into the low flying clouds.

We encountered some beautiful huge boulders that seem to have "tumbled down" from the ridge.

I would guess we are at the ridge. The trail goes right up over that rock. Rick made it, so we need to follow.

Almost to the top of the ridge. Connie stands on the ridge with Little Jackson rising up above Tumbledown in the background

The sky clears just in time to get a great view of Lake Webb as
Linda, Joyce and Connie explore a high point on the ridge.

Can you think of a better spot to have a picnic lunch?

There are fantastic views from Parker Ridge. Here we are looking over at the East and West peaks of Tumbledown. To the right is Tumbledown Pond with North Peak rising behind it.

We made it down to the pond where Parker Ridge Trail ends. Now we are headed up the East peak via the Tumbledown Ridge Trail. This trail goes over East Peak and to the junction of the Loop Trail. A short spur ascends to West Peak also. This trail is over mostly open ledges.

A view of North Peak from the Tumbledown Ridge Trail. Must be awesome views from there but there is no trail. It didn't look like it would be difficult to bushwhack to the top from the East Peak.

It appears that everyone adds a rock to this pile as they pass through. So we all follow the tradition.

Looking back at Webb Lake from the Tumbledown Ridge Trail

WOW! Peering off to the side of East Peak. Breathtaking.

Linda and Joyce take in the views from East Peak with Tumbledown Pond far below.

This was a late summer hike and the Mountain Ash trees were in their full splendor.

We're back on Parker Ridge. All that white crystal embedded in the rock was really pretty.

It's been great but now we have to head back. One last look at Webb Lake off in the distance before we head back down over the ridge.

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